We're already starting to see some of the costs of the extreme cold that much of the nation is experiencing. Cancelled flights have cost Jet Blue $1.5 billion. The cold is also hurting oil production and that could ultimately drive up theprice you payfor home heating oil and gas.

Marriott can now claim the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere. The 68-story tower hotel in New York City reaches 753 feet into the sky and offers great views of Central Park and Times Square. Believe it or not, hotel officials say from the top of the hotel you can see all the way to Pennsylvania.

Velveeta fans-here's your warning. Kraft says Velveeta is now in short supply. According to the company, 'manufacturing issues' are to blame. Some skeptics don't believe that, saying this is just a 'cheesy' attempt at publicity. According to Kraft, so far they haven't received a lot of consumer complaints.

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