Google is trying to have a bigger impact in your home. The company just paid $3.2 million to buy 'Nest.' Nest makes stylish, digital smoke alarms and thermostats which communicate with your smart phone.

There's a new app for Google Glass that is designed to keep drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. 'Drive Safe' issues an audio alert if a user is starting to doze off. Then it provides directions to the nearest rest stop.

These days, it seems many restaurants are trying to reinvent themselves to stay competitive. Pizza Hut is trying something new:offering pizza by the slice. The slices will be made with new recipes that are similar to the thinner crust pizzas sold in the Northeast. If you want to get a slice right now, it's only being tested in two small towns in Rhode Island and Nebraska. There's no word yet on when or if it might be expanded nationwide. By the way, a slice is going to cost between $2 and $3 and it will take four minutes to heat up.

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