There's some alarming new information coming out about that big Target securtiy breach. Investigators say some of the software used was written in Russian. They also say it appears to be part of a broad and very sophisticated campaign against many retailers, not just Target.

Starbucks says it is now dealing with its own data issue. An independent security researcher discoverd that the Starbucks IOS mobile payments app collects and stores customer data in a risky way. The chain is working on an update for the app that should be ready soon. It will add extra layers of protection for customers.

United Airlines plans to furlough 688 flight attendants because not enough of them took the voluntary buyout after its merger. The airline is trying to cut $2 billion in yearly expenses. Flight attendants have been offered buyouts while some ground workers have been offered early retirement.

A new report finds that 42 percent of smartphone owners in America have an iPhone. That makes iPhone the number one smartphone in the US. Samsung came in second place with a 26 percent share.

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