NEWPORT NEWS -- Hundreds of men converged on the steps of Newport News City Hall Monday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The event, called Stand, is organized by Minister Rashad D.L. Cartwright, a Newport News native and founder of

The men hope to promote unity and prayed for the community.

Several local pastors and community leaders attended, including Councilwoman Tina Vick.

'To think that it's normal to go to jail and have a felony, we have to stop that. There are some things we have to say, 'It's not normal to walk away from your family and not take care of your children,'' Vick told 13News Now.

Cartwright says the event draws attention for the need to unify men in peace.

'With the high rates of violence, family destruction and the over-crowding of jails, there is no better way for men to come together than through prayer,' Cartwright said.

The group prayed for high school drop outs, homes with absent fathers and the incarcerated. He hopes to come back in six months and prove those numbers decreased because of their efforts.

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