PORTSMOUTH-City officials in Portsmouth say some areas of the city has 10' of snow and other areas reporting nearly 9'.

Crews with Public Works are still working to clear city-maintained bridges, overpasses, Fire Station areas, and primary roads and will stay on the clock until they're cleared. 'The Interstate and most main roads are passable,' said City spokeswoman Dana Woodson. 'There are two crews with 20 people each working 12-hour shifts to clear the roads.'

While crews will clear the main roads, that doesn't mean it will be safe to get in your car and drive around.

Drivers are urged to remain off the roads as driving conditions are difficult and potentially hazardous due to snow and ice.

For anyone who parked their vehicles in downtown parking garages last night, there's no problem leaving them there you can keep them there again today at no charge.

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