NORFOLK -- A lot of people took advantage of Wednesday's snow day but nobody was happier than school kids.

In Ghent, many were out sledding and taking advantage of the wintry-weather.

Simon Edwards and Robert Warren were enjoying their time off from middle school. The blast of snow postponed a test scheduled for today.

'I got a few extra days to study,' Warren said.

Like many of their classmates, the two spent their morning out in the snow, working hard on their fort.

'We shoveled the sidewalk and up the stairs, up to house, for it to gather up snow to make a wall,' Edwards said.

But Virginia State Police warn that sledding and snowboarding and other activities can be dangerous if it's alongside the interstate.

Sgt. Michele Anaya says it's highly dangerous to pedestrians on the interstate and emergency personnel attempting to ensure public safety on the roadways.

Virginia Beach also warns that sledding is not allowed at Mount Trashmore Park.

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