NEWPORT NEWS -- The LED lamps in some traffic signals in Newport News are causing real problems for some drivers.

Depending on weather conditions and the time of the day, drivers complain the signals at some intersections are hard to read.

'Oh God, all the time. I hate them,' said Ken Akers while filling her car up with gas.

'It's very hard to tell when the light is green or red or yellow,' said driver Durrell Collins.

Director of Engineering for Newport News Everett Skipper says his department is taking the complaints very serious. Skipper says they are following up on intersections that are getting the most complaints.

Crews have been replacing bulbs that have blown out. At traffic signals that are dim, all of the bulbs are being replaced.

The department is working under seven-year maintenance schedule for traffic signals. But Skipper says that may have to be changed to every five or six years.

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