RADFORD -- Radford University dropped its field hockey team this week and only let players and coaches know Tuesday.

Of the 18 girls on the team 12 are from Hampton Roads and 8 are from Virginia Beach.

Beanie Schleicher is the head coach and two-time state champion at First Colonial High School and has two of her players on the team.

'Imagine how devastating this must be for them. The school will honor the two remaining years of the girls scholarships. But that's it. The girls won't get to play anymore,' said Schleicher.

In December, two of the best players in the state from Lakeland High School in Suffolk visited Radford and committed to the school. No mention was given that the sport would be dropped.

'They were blindsided,' said Lakeland coach Tara Worley.

Radford dropped field hockey, men's indoor and outdoor track and woman's swimming and diving -- 64 athletes were affected.

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