A massive child safety seat recall is underway. It's the fourth largest of its kind. Close to 4-million Graco car seats are being recalled. Harness buckles can get stuck, making it difficult to remove a child from the seat in an emergency. The seats were sold from 2009 through last year.

Toyota is also issuing a recall of almost two-million third-generation Prius cars worldwide. It's due to a programming glitch in the hybrid system. In limited cases, the hybrid system could shut down, causing the vehicle to stop. So far no accidents have been reported because of the issue.

Chick-Fil-A says it will serve only chicken raised without antibiotics within the next five years. The company is also working with suppliers to build up an adequate supply for its eighteen hundred restaurants. The use of these antibiotics to fatten up farm animals and prevent disease has caused some concern that the practice could lead to the growth of antibiotic resistant germs.

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