Weather update from the North Carolina State Emergency Response Team
Snowfall has continued in many areas throughout the day and will continue through the evening. Between a trace to four additional inches of snow has fallen across much of central North Carolina. The coastal counties are seeing mostly rain.
Local flooding is possible in low-lying areas along the coast.
Expect hazardous travel conditions into Friday morning across the state.
Stranded Motorists
NCDOT, State Highway Patrol and National Guard crews continue working hard to respond to calls for assistance.
In the past two days, our Highway Patrol troopers have responded to 6750 calls. Between 6 am and noon today, troopers responded to 824 calls for assistance. (The normal call volume for a 24-hour day is 800 calls across the state.)
Emergency management officials are urging people to stay off the roads: do not put yourselves or family at risk or endanger the first responders and law enforcement officers.
Power Outages
As of 3 p.m., there were 122,000 power outages across the state. More than half of those are in the eastern third of the state. There are about 36,000 power outages in the Piedmont and about 21,000 in the mountain and foothills.
Duke Energy has 3,400 crews working to restore power in North and South Carolina.
Just before noon, we learned that a hospital in Anson County lost power and was running on generator. They can continue those operations for about 72 hours.
Transportation Impacts
Airports are affected. Charlotte-Douglas, Raleigh Durham, Greensboro, Wilmington and Fayetteville airports are open, but numerous flights have been cancelled. Call ahead.
All passenger train services serving North Carolina are cancelled today.
Abandoned Vehicles
For vehicles that have been abandoned along the roadway: Highway Patrol, National Guard and/or NCDOT crews will check to be sure there are no occupants. If there are, troopers will get the occupants to a safe location.
Highway Patrol is tagging the abandoned vehicles to show that they've been checked. Those vehicles are being left in place UNLESS they are blocking the road.
Vehicle owners can go back ONCE IT IS SAFE TO DO SO and get their vehicles.
If cars or trucks are the path of the salt/sand trucks, the DOT Incident Management Assistance Patrol will move those vehicles to the shoulder where possible. In other cases, the Highway Patrol and local law enforcement are coordinating with towing companies to move vehicles to a safe location.
Towed Vehicles
For those whose vehicle may have been towed, they can call one of several numbers:
o For cars left inside city limits - call the local police department.
o For cars left outside city limits call Highway Patrol at 919-733-3861.
Continue Those Wellness Checks
Emergency Management officials are urging everyone to check on their family, friends and neighbors. If there is someone you normally see and haven't talked to in past few days, please check on them.
Counties are opening shelters where there is a need. Between 18 and 23 shelters have been open in 19 counties across the state.

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