NORFOLK -- Thousands of drivers have been erroneously charged higher tolls at the Downtown and Midtown tunnels, officials told 13News Now on Wednesday.

Sensors in the road that count the number of axles have been found to be 'over-sensitive,' Elizabeth River Crossings spokeswoman Leila Rice said. The sensors mistakenly recognize two-axle vehicles as having another axle, which triggers the 'heavy vehicle' fee, adding an extra $3 fee.

About 1 percent of all E-ZPass transactions have been affected since the start of tolling on Feb. 1, which equates to at least several thousand trips.

According to Rice, the problem is mainly occurring at the Downtown Tunnel westbound, but after being alerted to the problem they discovered the issue was more widespread.

Rice said the problem is being fixed and will be resolved by 5 p.m. Thursday. All accounts will be made whole, but Rice recommends people double-check their statements.

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