FRANKLIN -- Russ Pace is the director of public works in Franklin and says he has staggered shifts of snow plow drivers in preparation for the approaching storm.

He is confident his crews will be able to get to work whenever they are needed to treat the streets of Franklin.

'We have 80 tons of salt and 30 tons of sand that we can spread on the roads,' Pace said.

VDOT takes care of Rt. 58 but it is the city that handles the primary and secondary roads.

Ace Hardware had plenty of shovels and rock salt for sale.

Clerk Marie Wythe said she welcomes another round of cold weather.

'My mamma always said cold winters kill all the germs and insects. Makes for a nicer spring season,' Wythe concluded optimistically.

City of Suffolk spokeswoman Diana Klink said crews salted bridges and overpasses Tuesday.

Crews, who are working around the clock in 12-hour shifts, began treating intersections in Suffolk where snow was accumulating Wednesday afternoon.

Klink says police and firefighters are reporting slick spots on the roads. Authorities expect the rain to wash away the snow tomorrow morning.

Suffolk Public Schools spokeswoman Bethanne Bradshaw said they're monitoring the roads and have already canceled after-school activities Wednesday night.

All Suffolk Parks and Recreation activities have also been canceled Wednesday evening.

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