What is it?It's amicrowave bacon tray.

What does it claim?It claims tolet you cook your bacon to perfection -- crispy and tasty in your microwave.

Who tested it? Bacon lover Kristi Wargo tested it for us. She says she cooks bacon at least four times a week.

What are the instructions? Unlike when you cook bacon in a frying pan, with BaconWave you place your bacon sideways instead of flat. You need to make sure you place your bacon, fat side up, in the slots on the BaconWave. Be sure to allow the bacon to extend half an inch past each end slot. Any excess bacon between slots should be pushed back creating the look of a wave in your bacon. When you've gotten the desired amount of bacon placed in the slots use the plastic skewers that come with your BaconWave to skewer your bacon and rest the skewers in their slots. Then place BaconWave in the microwave and cook it on full power.

Up to a pound of bacon can be cooked at a time, but it is recommended that you start with four to five slices because cooking time for each microwave varies. When cooking is complete you can remove your BaconWave from the microwave and pour off the grease. Be very careful when doing this because the grease is very hot. Be sure to use a potholder or padded glove. Now remove the skewers and take out the bacon.

If you misplace the plastic skewers that come with the BaconWave you can use bamboo skewers. But NEVER use metal skewers in the microwave! You should also never leave your microwave unattended while cooking bacon. Always check BaconWave while it's in the microwave. High wattage microwaves can cook bacon faster than average and that can result in overcooked bacon. It could also create burned and/or dried out bacon. Plus overcooking may permanently damage your BaconWave. Be sure to check cooking times for proper usage.

When it comes time to clean your BaconWave you should first let it cool for 30 minutes to avoid warping. It's preferable that you wash your BaconWave by hand with soapy water. But BaconWave is dishwasher safe and should be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher. You should always wash your skewers by hand.

Did it work? Our tester definitely thought it worked. She was impressed. Because she cooks bacon so often she's always looking for ways to make it a little 'healthier' if possible. She found that BaconWave let her separate her bacon from the grease and she was still able to get it crispy in the microwave. Plus, she liked how fast her bacon was ready and how little splatter she had to clean up. She gives it two thumbs up.

Cost/Availability? We purchased our BaconWave at RiteAid for $9.99.

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