Apple releases an update to IOS 7 and it includes 'car play.' That will allow users to access several iPhone features from their dashboard. The new update also offers an improvement to Siri and the iPhone camera.

Gamers were lining up for the midnight sale of the first major video game of the year, Titanfall, on Xbox one. It's a first-person robot shooter game created by some of the same people who did 'Call to Duty.'

Are you a good tipper? According to a new online poll, Americans are tipping less than they did five years ago. The reason, according to those who are tipping less than 20 percent, is that either they can't afford to tip more or that they felt the service didn't merit a larger amount.

Now, when it comes to saving money on a wedding dress, H&M is getting into the game. The trendy fashion store is releasing its first bridal gown this month. The cost is only $99!

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