VIRGINIA BEACH -- A Virginia Beach teen will appear on the ABC hit show 'Shark Tank' Friday night.

Carter Kostler, 15, invented a water bottle that allows you to add fresh fruit to the mix.

The Friends high school student first showed off his Define Bottle last year at a health conference put on by former President Bill Clinton. He also drummed up Facebook votes for an innovation challenge organized by first lady Michelle Obama.

Now, the teenage entrepreneur can add swimming with the sharks to his alrady impressive list of accomplishments.

'Well, yeah they treated me like any other person that went on the 'Shark Tank.' They didn't say 'Oh, you are 15...we are going to let you go by easy,'' Kostler said. 'They all treated me the same. They all went equally as harsh.'

The teenage entrepreneur says he's already sold 150,000 bottles and is looking forward to selling many more.

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