HAMPTON -- School Board members were briefed Wednesday night on a projected $7 million budget gap for the upcoming year, which could affect more than parents, students and teachers.

Cost-saving measures identify 18 areas for cuts or reductions, including a one-day furlough for most employees and outsourcing maintenance workers.

The proposed budget would cut about 311 full time employees. A majority of them custodians and heating and air conditioning workers, positrons that would be outsourced, with no guarantee the company with the contract would hire them.

Those workers aren't in the classrooms, but Hampton Council PTA President Pamela Croom says any cuts will have an impact on the classroom.

'You're cutting programs, you're cutting services as well as people. It's hard to rank which one is more important because they're all important to our kids,' Croom said.

Another proposal would give a one-day furlough to employees who work 184 days or more a year.

'How do you furlough a teacher? How do you decided when that furlough day is going to be? That's an impact to the classroom when you have to say you are mandated to take a day off,' Croom said.

She believes everyone who lives in Hampton should be concerned about the proposed budget, even if they don't have children.

'Businesses are not going to come into our community if we don't have a great school system,' Croom said.

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