NORFOLK -- A popular game for Android devices has some raising concerns of a possible security breach on military bases across the country.

The game, called Ingress, requires players to travel to actual historic or cultural sites in order to claim them for points. In the game, these sites are called portals.

The more portals a player visits, the more points they get for their team and the higher they move up in rank.

'It's kind of like geocaching meets capture the flag,' explained Ingress player Crystal Grause.

Grause said playing the game has exposed her to a treasure trove of history in Hampton Roads and other places she travels on vacation.

It's also helped her meet other history buffs who play the game.

Most portals involve grey and black historical markers that are prevalent at places of historical significance across the country. There are thousands of portals across the world, including hundreds in Hampton Roads alone.

But some portals are located on military bases, including Naval Station Norfolk.

The rules of the game require portals to be open and accessible to the public. Grause, an avid Ingress player since the game began in November 2012, said some players think portals on military bases shouldn't be allowed.

Until that change is made, though, Grause said players will keep trying to get on military bases.

'You can get on base, you just have to explain to the guard what you're doing and its their discretion whether to let you on or not,' she said.

Navy spokeswoman Beth Baker said nobody is allowed on base without a proper ID.

Retired Rear Admiral Craig Quigley said the game could pose a real security problem for bases, as players try to access portals.

'If your intent was to take a picture of that entrance gate, that's perfectly fine and there's lots of buildings and facilities on any installation in the area that are perfectly innocuous,' Quigley said. 'But there's also other areas that are off limits for good reasons and, of course, those would be the most desirable if you're playing this game and therein lies the problem.'

Quigley said he fears, above all else, that unauthorized visitors to a base could mean extra work for security forces.

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