NEWPORT NEWS -- If you Google 'Rona's Ride,' you get to see some amazing pictures of Rona Altschuler cycling across the great Southwest. The goals of her trip are to boost awareness of Alzheimer's Disease and to raise money to help fight it.

'Um it's very dry. We've had sunshine every single day,' said Altschuler by telephone as she headed towards Texas. 'This is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life, but, then, again, caring for people with Alzheimer's is ten times much harder, so this is the least I can do.'

In February, Altschuler gave 13News Now a look at the bicycle she purchased for her mission. She explained her struggles as she cared for her mother, Joyce, whom she lost to Alzheimer's Disease.

A report recently released by the national Alzheimer's Association focuses on women.

'Women make up about two-thirds of those affected by Alzheimer's,' explained Gino Colombaro of the Alzheimer's Association of Southeastern Virginia. 'We say there's about five million in the United States. Three-point-two million are women.'

More than 30,000 families in Hampton Roads are affected by Alzheimer's Disease.

One woman -- Altschuler -- is on a 58-day journey to fight against the disease, hopeful for support from our area.

'A dollar. I don't care what the amount is, but for every donation that I get, it helps me pedal faster and stronger.'

Rona's Ride ends May 1 in Florida.

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