VIRGINIA BEACH -- Police said 32-year-old Bryan Browder was responsible for a crash that sent an SUV flipping several times near Town Center Sunday.

Officers charged Browder of the 7200 block of Sewells Point Road, Norfolk with Failure to Yield Right of Way.

Police said Browder was heading west on the Boulevard in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am just before 3:30 p.m. He turned left, hitting a 2000 Toyota Forerunner that was moving in the opposite direction. The impact caused the SUV to roll over.

'You hear the impact, and I turn my head, and I see the SUV just flipping, flipping, flipping, flip, flip,' Marco Rivera told 13News Now.

Rivera and Aaron Sampe are soldiers and trained combat life savers.

'In that moment, it's just like your whole world stops. You forget about everything, and the first thing that comes to your mind is 'What can I do to help?'' Rivera explained. 'I'm trying to ask for fire extinguisher, trying to ask to get first aid kit, you know, checking the lady's pulse, 'cause, like I said, she was not moving or responding, anything at that time.'

'It's just really mind-boggling just how fast your day can change, how just in that split second, your whole life can change for the better or the worse, just, I guess just live every moment loving what you got, and loving who you got,' Sampe said.

Nichole Raffa was on Virginia Beach Boulevard and stopped her car when she realized what happened.

'There was blood splattered everywhere and it was terrible, so I pulled the passenger side door open because I wanted to get in there and see if she had a pulse, and see if she was breathing, and it was a big mess, I mean, she was in really bad shape,' recalled Raffa. 'We were calling out her name, trying to rouse her. It was really tough.'

Emergency workers had to extricate the driver from her SUV. Paramedics took her to the hospital in critical condition.

Police briefly blocked traffic as they investigated the crash.

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