CHESAPEAKE -- 'This is what I'm talking about,' said Lieutenant Commander Vic Boza, checking out his future man cave during his first visit to his brand new home in Albemarle River Saturday.

The nuclear engineer returned to Hampton Roads this week along with other members of the USSHarry S. Truman Strike Group.

'It feels real,' Boza said as he toured the house. 'The pictures are great, but now, it actually feels real. It actually feels like a house that I am about to own and move into and begin to enjoy my life here in Norfolk with.'

Boza and his wife, Kristen had to pick out home while Boza was on deployment because they were transferred from Jacksonville, Florida to Norfolk. The strike group left in July. Kristen flew up and started house hunting in February.

'I was very happy. I'm really glad that he liked it as much as I do,' said Kristen

The Bozas have been married 8 years. Boza has been in the Navy for 11.

'With the deployment cycles and with people having to head overseas regardless of branch of service, a lot of decisions have to be made at home, and life has to continue, and moves have to get set up, and it's beautiful to have someone that you love and that you trust and understands you well enough to pick out a place as fantastic as this,' Boza told 13News Now.

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