What is it? a plastic burger maker that creates a pocket for you to 'stuff' your burger with all your favorite things

What does it claim? that you can 'make stuffed burgers like a pro!' with a 'perfectly sealed patty every time!'

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Xerxes Nabong, who is a Yelp community manager and burger lover

What Are The Instructions? Once you get your StufZ out of the box, wash it with warm soapy water. Once it's dry, use either a little water or a non-stick oil on the inside before you put your meat in. That will help your pattie to easily eject and hold the best form once it's removed.

Pull StufZ straight up until it clicks and locks into position. The handle should be resting in the holder. Pull the latch slightly until the top releases. Place a ball of meat into StufZ and close the lock. If you want a big burger, use about a third a cup of meat, or us less to fit your appetite.

Next, push the handle down firmly to flatten the ball of meat then pull the handle until it clicks. Now turn the handle to release StufZ pocket/cavity maker. You might need to press the handle down several times to form the pocket/cavity.

As far as clean up goes, StufZ is dishwasher safe, but Nabong found it was also pretty quick and easy to clean by hand.

Did it work ? Nabongwas not impressed. He really liked the concept but not the process. He found StufZ to be a little cumbersome and time consuming to use. He said if he was trying to make burgers for a group of people, this would definitely slow him down. He also had problems making the pocket for his burger. Then he struggled actually getting his burger to seal once he stuffed it. He ended up resorting to pushing it together with his fingers. Then it fell apart on the grill, causing him to lose some of his stuffing. He said while Stufz seemed like a good idea, it was too much trouble.

Cost/Availability? We purchased StufZ America's Stuffed Burger at Walgreens for $10.
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