The tornado that tore through parts of Chowan County including Edenton was on the ground for more than 20 minutes before the NationalWeather Service issued a tornado warning.

This is the EF-2tornado that claimed the life of 11-month old Gavin Soto who died Sunday from injuries he suffered.

Areport issued by the weather service on Saturday says the tornado was on the ground from 7:37 to 8:30 PMand had a 40 mile long path (1/4 of a mile wide). They did not issue a tornado warning until just after 8 PM.


83-year-old Louise Bonner lost her home off Burnt Mill Road during the storm Friday night.'All of a sudden everything just picked up. I could feel the house falling apart. It's a miracle I got out.' she says.

Other homes on Bonner's block suffered major damage.

13News Now Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lawson explains ' There were 4 confirmed tornadoes Friday night in NE NC. One was a weak EF-0, one was a weak EF-1, and two were EF-2s with winds of 125 mph. 3 of the 4 tornadoes ended either in or very close to Elizabeth City. All 3 of the stronger storms formed without any official tornado warnings in effect. The two EF-2s started near Edenton in Chowan County at 7:20 and 7:37 respectively. The third tornado struck around 7:50. Official tornado warnings were issued a minute or two after 8 pm'.

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