KILL DEVIL HILLS -- A man who allegedly robbed a Kill Devil Hills Mexican restaurant was arrested Thursday after police say they found the suspect's drivers license at the scene.

Police say 25-year-old Royce Thad Young Jr. broke into the business through a ventilation shaft on the roof.

He dropped into the kitchen from the ceiling and allegedly stole a cash register drawer, police said.

The crime was captured on surveillance video inside the restaurant. Police say they were able to identify the suspect in the video from a drivers license found next to the ventilation shaft.

While executing a search warrant, Young fled the scene but was apprehended after a short chase.

During a search of the residence, police found a stolen cash register drawer, cocaine, Oxycodone and drug paraphernalia.

Young has been charged with breaking and entering, possession of stolen property and injury to real property. Drug-related charges were filed with the Dare County Sheriff's Office.

Young is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Two other people were also charged with drug-related offenses after police executed the search warrant, 28-year-old Morgan Folaros and 21-year-old Anthony Faulkiner.

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