People in some areas can now text their emergency to 911. 'Text to 911' lets users send a short message detailing their emergency and their exact location. All four major carriers are offering the feature. But the service is not yet available in all areas.

According to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, small businesses are the driving force behind the economic recovery. Yellen told a group Thursday that small businesses have accounted for more than half of the job gains during the nearly five-year economic recovery.

There will soon be another wireless carrier out there. This one is geared toward Hispanic Americans. Univision Mobile is a joint venture between T-Mobile and Univision. It's set to launch on Monday.

So how would you like to be able to prevent bike thefts using your smartphone? The new 'Sky Lock' looks like a traditional bike lock, but it can send out a mobile alert if someone attempts to tamper with it. It may be a while before you start seeing it on store shelves. Velo Labs, which developed the Sky Lock wants to raise $50,000 to start producing it.

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