Hackers are targeting iPhone and iPad and demanding $100 ransom. They're apparently commandeering the Apple devices by compromising iCloud accounts. The phones and iPad are held hostage until the ransom is paid. No word on who's behind it.

A new survey finds employees are getting hit with higher health insurance premiums and co-payments. More than half of the companies surveyed increased their employee share of health care premiums or co-payments last year. This year, more than 60% say they plan to do the same.

Google is rolling out its new driverless car. The electric-powered, two-seat vehicle has a stop button for emergencies but no steering wheel, brake or gas pedal. It runs by smartphone app and can only go up to 25 miles an hour.

Starbucks, which is known for coffee, is now testing out the dinner business. It's going to open an outpost of its La Boulange chain in Los Angeles next month. The menu will include build your own burgers and other dinner dishes as well as beer, wine and cocktails.

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