Google kicks off its I/O Developers conference today. It's the day many android fans have been waiting for. Wearable gadgets are expected to take center stage at the event. But integrated technology for both your home and car are expected to be a big part of it too.

Bad news for Amazon. The company says it is putting its drone delivery system into a holding pattern. That's because the FAA has shot down the company's plan to use them. According to the FAA, drones are the same as model planes and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The popular coffee maker Keurig is introducing a new brewing system. Instead of making coffee one cup at a time, the new Keurig 2.0 makes a whole carafe of coffee all at once. The new $200 brewing system also lets you favorite your preferences and then remembers how strong you like your coffee and how many cups you usually like to make.

Do you know the Bob Dylan song 'Like a rolling stone?' Many people consider it one of the most influential songs in rock 'n roll. Well, it turns out the original manuscript for it is also worth a lot of money. It just set a record, selling for $2 million at an auction.

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