NORFOLK -- A local charity is helping two wounded war veterans get breakthrough treatment for their traumatic brain injuries.

Airman Mitch Kieffer and retired Navy SEAL Dave Hall spent their fourth session inside of the Hampton Roads Hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Norfolk Friday to get pain relief from their war wounds.

'It's never gone away,' Kieffer said. 'No matter what treatment or pharmaceutical they've ever given me.'

At just 29 years old, Kieffer suffers from a broken back, pituitary gland damage, migraines, and major gastrointestinal issues.

He says he should have been killed in Iraq in 2007 when his caravan was attacked by insurgents with RPGs, IEDs, and AK47s.

Kieffer has tried a litany of pharmaceuticals and homeopathic remedies. While at Eglin Air Force Base and Langley Air Force base, he learned of hypberic oxygen treatments that were proven to help rewire broken neuropathways in the brain and make new ones.

He began receiving treatment after America's Mighty Warriors paired with Hampton Roads Hyperbarics to sponsor four military members who needed the help.

'It was a breath of fresh of air when I had to stop and finally found it,' says Kieffer.

Dave Hall was also awarded the $10,000 treatment grant, which includes 40 sessions with a doctor's monitoring. He says he didn't realize he had a traumatic brain injury until he suffered a stroke two years ago.

Hall already feels the difference after three treatments.

'You don't walk into a room and wonder 'Why am I here?' You feel creative and positive energy. And I sleep well again,' Hall said. 'Within special forces we work so closely with explosives, you're going to suffer a brain injury from how often that happens..even in training.'

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