VIRGINIA BEACH-- Two Virginia Beach sisters received an award from Mayor Bill Sessoms early Tuesday evening. Trinity Roper, 9, and her older sister Angel, 14, were presented with the Lifesaving Award in council chambers.

In late April, their mother was driving down Indian River Road when she started to have a seizure.

'I'm sitting there and I look down I look up and I notice her speeding up and I look over my mom is having a seizure. I look back ahead we're going head on into another car,' Angel said.

At the time, Angel's left arm was in cast; she jumped over the console on top of her mother and managed to get the vehicle under control using your right arm.

She immediately told her younger sister to call 911.'I was surprised she knew my password first of all and yeah I didn't think she knew how to use my phone,' Angel noted.

Her 9-year-old sister told the dispatcher what mattered most:'I didn't want a new mommy.'

Angel then jumped out of the vehicle to flag down other people for help.

'That was terrifying. That was the one part I didn't keep my cool. That was the only time I actually started crying because no one would stop and I almost got hit,' she recalled.

Eventually a neighbor did help and paramedics arrived.

Nicole Roper says she's very proud of her two girls and even though she doesn't remember much, she commented on Angel's driving skills.

'I think she did pretty darn well. She's got about a year and a half before the 16th birthday, so we have a little while to go, but I think she'll be all right,' Nicole said.

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