POQUOSON -- Poquoson is surrounded by water on three sides, which can have its disadvantages during a storm.

Residents have had more than than their share of flooding over the years. One of the worst storms was Hurricane Isabel. That storm changed the landscape and lives of many residents.

'It was devastating. It changed the look of Poquoson forever,' resident Jennifer Allen said.

More than 200 families found themselves living in FEMA-issued trailers for months. Many homes were elevated as a result of Isabel.

Arthur isn't expected to bring a lot of wind and rain to the Peninsula, but there are folks preparing just in case.

'I'm moving everything, tying the chairs down and so now I'm on my way back home to make sure I've got all my supplies. I've got dog food, I've got water and making sure everything is safe,' Jennifer Allen said Thursday.

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