NORFOLK -- Navy plans to mothball eleven guided missile cruisers--including the Norfolk based USS Anzio and USS Vella Gulf--are running into stiff resistance on Capitol Hill.

The Navy hopes to save $4.7 billion by sidelining the ships for up to a decade, and then modernizing them and bringing them back. The move, stemming in part from the difficult mathematics involved in sequestration.

But House Seapower Subcommittee Chairman Randy Forbes of Virginia's Fourth district is skeptical the cruisers, which play a vital role in a carrier strike group, would ever actually be brought back.

'I have said all along I don't think he plan is to modernize them, it's to euthanize them,' Forbes said in an interview with 13 News Now. 'And this is just a polite way to put them to rest for ten years and never bringing them back out. But, it's a very strategically dangerous thing for the United States Navy to do.'

Forbes say he's optimistic this plan can be un-done. 'Most Americans when they see this are going to say we don't want to lose these ships,' he said.

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