If you watch television on a mobile device, Facebook may soon be keeping tabs on you. The social network will reportedly send your age and gender to Nielsen, the TV ratings company. But both companies insist it will all be anonymous.

Volkswagen is about to bring 2,000 more jobs to its Chattanooga, Tenn. plant. That's where the automaker's new mid-size crossover SUV will be built; it already makes the mid-size Passat. This new vehicle is set to arrive sometime in 2016.

If you like chocolate chip cookies -- get ready! Pizza Hut is now selling one. It's eight inches in diameter and comes cut into eight slices. So now you can order pizza and dessert. The only problem some customers are having is that not all Pizza Huts are serving milk yet.

Need a cooler for your next party? You might want to check out this new high-tech cooler. It's called 'The Coolest' and it has a blender, a Bluetooth speaker and a USB charger. It has picked up more than $4 million in crowd-funding, making it the sixth most funded project ever on
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