The market reacts negatively to news from overseas with the Dow opening below17,000 this morning. Concerns about the continuing violence in Gaza and news of the Malaysia Airlines crash in the Ukraine caused the Dow to lose 161 points at closing Thursday. Investors also seem to be disappointed by earnings and housing reports. The major Asian markets were also down.

You may not be thinking about back-to-school just yet, but you might want to start saving now. The average family with kids ingrades K-12 will spend $669.28. That's up five percentfrom last year. When it comes to college students, costs are up ten percent to more than $900.

If you like taking selfies then you'll want to check out this new line of customized toasters. They're from the Vermont Novelty Toast Corporation. That's right, your eyes are not deceiving you. This toaster will imprint your favorite selfie every time you insert a slice of toast.

Speaking of food, Taco Bell is expanding it's breakfast menu. The fast food chain is adding a full line of grilled breakfast burritos to its morning menu. The flavors being offered are bacon, sausage and fiesta potato. That now gives Taco Bell 15 items on its breakfast menu.

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