VIRGINIA BEACH -- The people associated with a new documentary being shot in Virginia Beach hope that it results in a greater degree of understanding between combat veterans and civillians.

This story begins with retired Navy SEAL sniper Dave Hall. For 20 years he shot at the enemy. On a recent September 11th he fired 79 shots 911 yards away from this target, representing 79 navy seals who'd lost their lives since 9-11. Artist Elwood Risk took the target and expanded it with articles and names of those SEALs who've made the ultimate sacrifice.

'I think it's good for the civilian community because they can go: 'Wow - those were 79 really good people.'' David Hall said. 'When you get your mind around that, then you can expand that and know well how many were wounded. And, what if we include the Marine Corps, and what if we include the Army and all the rest of the armed forces,' Hall said.

This finished piece of art was purchased by Virginia Beach salon owner Todd Grubbs. He loved the concept of Dave using his rifle as a paintbrush and he wanted to share the idea of military and civilians opening a new dialogue with each other.

'Taking Dave's vision to another level. That's where the film comes in,' Grubbs said.'And try to get the word out there to try to bring civilians and military back together a ltitle bit and possibly work on bringing our country back to a center place,' he said.

Since January, director Scott Hansen and crew have been shooting a documentary they call 'Until It Hurts.' This day, the final scene that they shot was of sniper Hall explaining to families at Great Neck Park what the target artwork is all about.

'We're actually supposed to premiere it on September 11th. So yeah - we're almost done. We're just getting this last piece,' said Hansen

Todd Grubbs signed all the rights over to friend Jason Redman of Wounded Wear.

'I've always felt that that gap that exists between multiple-tour combat veterans and civilians is a victory for the enemy. That's not how it should be. As Americans, we should all be united,' concluded David Hall

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