A big question today about Apple -- will the company launch its own mobile wallet? Online reports claim that the tech giant has been working on a new feature to allow users to pay for items in stores with their iPhone. We'll see what happens.

Starbucks may be known for coffee, but the coffeehouse chain attributes a 23 percent quarterly profit to tea and baked goods. Starbucks has diversified its menu in recent years by adding more package products and food.

Here's something you may not have realized. Turns out not all bags of Lay's potato chips are created equal and flavored chips will cost you more. Here's how. Reular Lay's are sold in 10-ounce bags, but flavored chips are sold in 9-ounce bags for the same price. By the way, that size difference means an extra $50 million a year for the company.

How would you like to have the most expensive television in the neighborhood? Samsung can help you make that happen. The company has begun taking pre-orders for its 105-inch ultra-definition set. Hold on to your wallet. It retails for $120,000.
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