VIRGINIA BEACH -- The Operation Smile patient who came from Haiti to have a five pound tumor removed from her face is now tumor free.

Hennglise Dorvial is now onto her second operation to have her teeth, chin, and eye fixed. While she never will have vision restored in her left eye, doctors will try to get the symmetry right.

Dr. Bill Magee, the cofounder of Operation Smile and the Director of Cranial Facial Surgery at CHKD will be doing today's surgery with Dr. Eric Crouch and using the dental assistance of Dr. Stephen Konikoff to build her new dentures since they had to remove teeth when taking out the benign tumor.


'We'll move her chin back to where it should be. In the area underneath her eyelid, there's too much tightness there, so we'll probably put a skin graft to move the eyelid up to better protect what's left of that globe in that eye lid,' Magee said.

The most important tansformation, however, can be found in her newfound confidence.

'She feels at home. People are embracing her. Her confidence is great. She's going to go back to a very different environment,' noted Magee. 'They're going to try to connect her with some mentors to help her develop her shy speaking skills.'

Henglisse says she wants to be a doctor one day and can't wait to go back to school.

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