VIRGINIA BEACH -- Yesterday crews with Mosquito Joe were at the Virginia Zoo spraying animal cages.

Today one of the sprayers is in Virginia Beach in a highly vegetated waterfront area on Bay Colony Avenue.

Operations Director for Mosquito Joe, Denise Morris, says 'We've seen double our call volume just in the last week and that has to do with the Triple E and West Nile virus that has come out in the last week.'

Sprayer, Dustin Shackleford, says 'The city will come down the street and it really depends on the wind. We can get right into the property and are really more effective.'

Her client, Kara McCaa doesn't feel like city spraying is enough for their densely vegetated area.

'I think in this neighborhood there is so much vegetation and water. It's been helpful to have this and it's been a noticeable difference. '\

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