VIRGINIA BEACH -- People with locally-basedOperation Blessing International(OBI) continued to help victims of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that hit northern California this past weekend.

Director of United States Disaster Relief Dan Moore told 13News Now via Skype that OBI volunteers spent Tuesday working in a mobile home park in Napa, cleaning up and trying to put people's homes back in order.

'You can just imagine everybody's belongings just going everywhere. It was like somebody just shook a can of anything and just everything went all over the place,' said Moore, adding that a gas main break in the park fueled a fire that destroyed some homes.

'As I've been on the ground, I think of a gentleman I met the other day. We were in Downtown Napa and looking at these historic buildings, and I walked up to him, and started talking to him, and he just was in shock. He's live in this area his whole life, and he said, 'It hurts me to see this like this.''

Physically, OBI's efforts are about cleaning up, but as Moore pointed out, its missions always involve building hope as people recover.

The volunteers who deployed to Napa will return to Virginia Beach Tuesday.

'Operation Blessing's ready if there is another disaster to see how we can support, whether it's at home in Hampton Roads -- Virginia Beach-Norfolk area -- wherever it is or anywhere in the nation and ultimately around the world,' said Moore.

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