Chris DeWitt has been enjoying his 10th season as head football coach with the Kellam Knights.  They've gotten off to an impressive 3-0 start to the season and he's pretty happy about it. 

"It's like playing golf", he says.  "We've done enough things to play good and done enough to play bad, but know we've got to continue to come and practice everyday." 

Traditionally the Knights have always been able to run the ball.  DeWitt has a great 1-2 combo in the backfield of James Taylor and Sean Abrams. 

Defensively they're steady, but what's impressed DeWitt the most, has been his team's ability to rise to the occasion when called upon. 

"Our kids have hung together.  When they face a little adversity, they've recovered.  That's a great thing for us." 

It's early, but don't be surprised DeWitt's Knights raid the party and cause problems for the upper echelon in the Beach District.


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