NORFOLK - If you're 55 or older, AARP needs you.

The foundation has jobs right now that need to be filled.

73-year-old Christeen Capehart retired several years ago after working in a drugstore for 38 years.

After taking care of her daughter, she's back at work doing housekeeping for the Bon Secours health system.

"Cause everything is so high, so that's why I decided really to go back to work," she explained.

Barbara Murphy with AARP says many retirees are finding social security isn't enough to cover expenses.

"We're getting more people in their 70s even 80s applying for jobs," says Murphy.

AARP received stimulus and grant money to hire retirees looking for work.

"They work 18 hours a week. It's only minimum wage, but it gets people some monies and what it does too is it gives people a foot in the door," Murphy adds.

Jobs range from housekeeping to food service, clerical and more.

Bon Secour has hired six fulltime workers.

For information on the AARP Foundation program, call 757-625-7001.

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