What is it? A fly trap that hangs outside and is filled with a patented bait used by the military that is safe and non-toxic.

What does it claim? To trap and kill up to 20,000 flies, plus it claims to be a true green solution to your fly pollution! #1 total fly protection for 30 days.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Adair Wells.

What are the instructions? First you need to fill the bag component of Flies-Away with approximately one quart of water or between one third to one half of the bag. Add the bait directly into the water through the wire mesh. The bait has a pungent odor. So make sure you fill the trap in a well-ventilated area. It's also recommended that you wear plastic or rubber gloves. You just have to twist off the tube end to open. Then squeeze the tube into the trap. Once the bait is in place, attach the red cover by securing it via the four matching ports. The cover should snap into place and remain snug in all four corners. Now you're ready to hang up your flies-away. Make sure you hang it out of reach or pets and children--either in a tree or on a stand 40 to 50 feet from any gathering area or high traffic area you would like to protect.

Did it work? Our tester thought it was going to collect lots of flies like it did in the commercial.In reality, the bag didn't fill up with flies. In fact, only one fly made it into her bag during the weeks she had it hanging in her backyard.That said, she did notice that she didn't have as many flies in her backyard once she hung up Flies-Away. She liked that part. Something she didn't like is the initial smell of the bait. It was very strong at first but says it wore off after a few days.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Flies-Away for $9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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