VIRGINIA BEACH-- It sounded like a great deal. In fact, it seemed to good to be true. Well, it apparently was.

Awoman went onto Craigslist to find a home to rent after her children moved out.

She found an ad for a high-end condominium for $600 a month.

'I started search, seeing some really good prices and I clicked on them, got some responses back from Africa,' she said.

She said the person who posted the ad said they were in Africa doing missionary work and needed good people to watch their home long term.

She went to the home on Gracehill Drive and found the condo, but it wasn't for rent, it was for sale. The owners, according to neighbors, were in Florida.

She then looked at a property on Graydon Street and the person who responded to her inquiry said she needed to send a deposit to get the application started and to get the keys to the home. Also, there was no way for her to get into the property before she sent the money.

The woman is collecting names and phone numbers of the people she's dealth with to turn over to federal authorities.

Craigslist has a disclaimer about possible schemes and information to help users.

If you have an Internet crime to report, you can do it online at the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is run by the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

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