VIRGINIA BEACH-A sailor made his reenlistment ceremony a memorable one.

Electricians Mate 2nd Class (EM2) Derrick Cruz donned scuba gear and went ten feet under in a pool at Dive Quarters on Laskin Road.

Lt. Joel Larson gave the Oath of Enlistment to his fellow USS George H.W. Bush shipmate as a dive shop employee videotaped the big moment.

'It was awesome,' he said.

Cruz's first scuba dive was Lt.Larson's idea.

'Iwas planning on doing just a plain ol' reenlistment, typical one, where you just stand in a room and say an oath, but he came up with the idea of doing it in a pool I thought it was a great idea,' he added.

Cruz had completed six years in the Navy and re-upped for four more.

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