NORFOLK -- Callers seem to be experiencing trouble with a service Virginia Department of Transportation unveiled just over a week ago.

VDOT's 511 phone service is supposed to have an improved voice recognition system. But several drivers that talked with 13News tried the service and were not impressed.

'I would think if you say I-95, it would immediately know what you were saying,' said Styles Major.

Some calls 13News tested were made with a fair amount of background noise. So reporter Philip Townsend tried it in a quiet area and still had troubles with it.

Others say they've had more luck. Alan Glore's girlfriend uses the system almost every weekend when she visits hampton roads.

'She uses it. She never has any complaints about it. She says she uses it religiously,' Glore said.

VDOT says there are ways callers can improve their experience with the phone system. It's not designed for a speaker phone, so it's better to hold your phone up to your ear.

Trouble reports can be made at 1-800-FOR-ROAD. That's 1-800-367-7623.

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