NEWPORT NEWS -- Temperatures are about to rise, and air conditioner repair companies are anticipating a rush.

Technicians recommend that shrubs be trimmed so they are at least a foot away from an A/C unit, otherwise they smother it.

'It's like trying to run a marathon breathing through a straw,' described Michael Wells of One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning.

Wells says that it's best to call before it gets hot outside, otherwise, you might have to suffer in the heat while waiting for service.

'Most of your air conditioning companies will be booked up. Now is the time to call,' said Wells. 'By the time you wait for a problem, it's too late. Your house is going to be hot for a couple of days waiting for an A/C tech. Even if we're out there the same day, it takes a while for it to cool down, If we're out there the next day, even longer.'

Wells said it's a good idea to change your indoor air filter every month and listen for any abnormal sounds from your A/C unit. But he said the best treatment is to schedule routine maintenance checks.

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