VIRGINIA BEACH -- Actors in Hampton Roads are making it big, thanks in part to a local production studio. In Joe's Job, 13News anchor Joe Flanagan visited Studio Center Total Production to see what all the hype is about.

On Wednesday, Flanagan auditioned as a True Blood character. He also met local actor, Shad Hamilton, cast in the Tom Hanks movie 'Captain Phillips' which was recently shot in Hampton Roads.

'You know, you've got all these different kinds of people around town, around the country that want the same job you do or a job similar, and I think to make a good living at it, I think you have to be a special type of person to really do it,' said Hamilton who's been a Navy SEAL for 22 years.

Flanagan also talked with a York County actor who's appeared in various shows including The Walking Dead.

'You know, they always say if you can see yourself doing something else then go do it, because this is a really hard industry,' commented Kelley Davis. 'I don't see myself doing anything else. And I will take the rejections and I will take the failures, but I will keep doing it.'

Davis has also appeared in One Tree Hill and American Hauntings.

Studio Center operates in six cities: Virginia Beach, Richmond, Memphis, Las Vegas, New York, and Santa Monica. The production company casts on-camera actors and voice-over actors.

'I would say - this is what I have said lots of times. 'It's going to take a lot of work. Are you ready to do the funnest thing you've ever done but the hardest?'' asked Studio Center's Brittany Baird.

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