What does it claim? to be a hair clip that looks like a cursive 'S' and closes like a safety pin to be easy to use and hold your hair all day, no matter if it's thick or thin

Who tested it? the morning manager at One Life Fitness in Norfolk, Jackie Propst

What are the instructions? It really depends on what type of look you want to achieve with your Twist N Clip. To get the 'Traditional Pony Tail' look, you need to gather your hair into a pony tail then spread Twist N Clip around the pony tail close to your head. Then just close the Twist N Clip just like a safety pin and your done.

For the 'Bella Doo' look that Propst chose, grab your hair in a pony tail high at the back of your head. Then twist your hair down the back of your head until you are close to the bottom. Now insert the long end of Twist N Clip underneath the bottom of the twist starting a little to one side. Now push the long end under the twist ending a little to the opposite side and close the Twist N Clip. You can also use your clip to create several other looks including the 'Half Up Half Down', 'The Messy Bun', and 'the English Pony Tail.'

Did it work? Propst really likes Twist N Clip. It took her a few times to get the hang of it, but once she did, she was hooked. She normally wears her hair in a pony tail because she works at gym. She says her hair has to be out of her face so it doesn't bug her while she works. That's exactly what she got with Twist N Clip. She also found it to be lighter and more secure than her pony tail holder.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Twist N Clip at Target for $9.99. That will get you two regular clips, two jumbo clips and a bonus tattle tail to use to decorate your clips.

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