ELIZABETH CITY -- The damage at Waterfront Park might not look like much, but the impact it took to create it would have been pretty strong.

'It looks like it was pulled in several different directions. It looks like the boardwalk, itself, was pulled up and back,' described Director of Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County Parks and Recreation Bobbi White. 'It looks like one of the railing poles was pulled to the front. Another looks like was pulled more to the river.'

Workers found a concrete bulkhead at the boat landing cracked Friday morning, as well as the damage to the neighboring boardwalk.

White and others believe a larger fishing boat or cruiser whacked into both some time Thursday into Friday. The person or people responsible never reported it.

'The way things are now, you know, 'If I broke it, if I get away with it,' you know, 'I won't have to pay for it,' and that's what we hate,' said White. 'All budgets are tight, and it is the beginning of the budget year, so you hate to spend what money you have for park repairs.'

If a boat, in fact, hit the wall and/or boardwalk, the boat should have visible damage. Anyone with information about what happened can call the Elizabeth City Crime Line and remain anonymous. The number is 252-335-5555.

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