NORFOLK--Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney rejects criticism from President Barack Obama that he neglected to mention the Afghanistan War in his GOP acceptance speech last Thursday.

In an exclusive interview today, Romney said he actually discussed the war in a speech last Wednesday.

'I did go to the American Legion and described in some depth my policies with regard to the military, with regards to our troops, with regards to the president's plans to cut our military budget by a trillion dollars over a decade, by his plans to reduce our active personnel, spoke with pride to our men and women in uniform,' Romney said via satellite from the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

At Norfolk State University Tuesday, President Obama promised to end the war in 2014 and to protect the troops when they come home. He lashed out at Romney, saying 'Governor Romney didn't have a thing to say about Afghanistan' (in his speech.)

Romney defended himself, saying, 'Let me tell you, as to what goes on in speeches, we can all go back and forth but let me ask you this, is the president committed to the kind of military the people in Norfolk think is appropriate for our nation, for our national defense and for good jobs, when he plans on cutting a trillion dollars out of the military?'

Romney added, 'Even his own secretary of defense said those kind of cuts would be devastating to America's national security interests.'

Stopping at a pizza shop in West Lebanon, NH, earlier in the day, Romney said Americans aren't better off than they were four years ago.

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