POQUOSON - When it comes to protecting your property, you can't let your guard down, even if you live in quiet Poquoson.

Dozens of residents in the Wythe Creek Road corridor woke up Thursday and discovered valuables they left in their vehicles had been stolen.

Police Chief Cliff Bowen says the 18 cases were crimes of opportunity because, in every case, the doors were unlocked. At some of those homes, other vehicles that were locked weren't touched.

Stacy Deibel's GPS was taken from her Ford Expedition. She says that, after 30 years in the community, he had become complacent.

It's been two years since Poquoson dealt with this many larceny from vehicles cases. In one night, 20 vehicles were targeted.

Authorities also are checking with York County investigators since similiar crimes occurred there last night as well.

If you know anything about these cases, call But the police department at 868-3501.

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