NORFOLK-- More than 300 Norfolk police officers are suing the city for overtime pay they say they never received.

In a class action lawsuit filed on Oct. 11 in Eastern District Court of Virginia, attorneys for the officers laid out their complaints.

The attorneys say the City of Norfolk ordered officers to work more than the maximum overtime hours allowed under law.

According to the complaint, the officers had to clean weapons, answer emails and make work-related calls while off-duty. The suit alleges officers would regularly be told to show up early for court appearances but not get paid until court started.

Attorney James Shoemaker says there are clear violations of state and federal labor laws, including a policy that time-and-a-half pay doesn't start until 43 hours in a 7-day work week.

The City of Norfolk told 13News, 'The City Attorney's Office has received the lawsuit but cannot comment on pending litigation.'

In similar lawsuits, local police officers and paramedics have received more than a million dollars in back pay.

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